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  • Precision Optics Manufacturing
    since 1943
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Defense/Medical/Industrial
  • Ultra Precision Windows
  • Prototype to Production
  • Versatile Capabilities
  • Custom Coatings
  • Cost Competitive
  • ITAR Compliant

Providing Optical Components with In-House Coating Capabilities

Ferson Technologies in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, offers cost-competitive manufacturing of optical components complete with in-house thin film coating capabilities. Products include spherical lenses, optical flats, domes, infrared components as well as integrating the components into assemblies. We boast a proud history of precision optics manufacturing since 1943. Known for offering versatile optics products and exceptional customer service, our company specializes in:

Defense, Medical and Industrial Components / Custom Coatings / Ultra Precision Windows / Prototype to Production / Infrared Windows and Lenses

Optical Components

Ferson Technologies offers a wide range of optical components. These parts are manufactured using materials such as all the common optical formulated glassses as well as fused silica, quartz, germanium, silicon and filter materials. We build to customer prints and requirements and provide testing and inspection. Samples of the types of components:

Lenses / Domes / Prisms / Windows / Achromats / Filters / Wedges

In-House Coating Capabilities

Ferson Technologies can provide coatings to support numerous coating requirements for the optical components produced. We can coat, perform testing for spectral, adhesion, durability, as well as temperature and humidity. Our coatings also meet many damage threshold specifications. We will coat optics we manufacture or coat customer provided material. We will provide a custom coat to your specification or offer our own designs. Visit the Coatings section under Capabilities for more Information.

SLAR | MLAR | Dielectric and Metal Mirrors | Beam Splitters and Filters on Substrates